Apartment Leasing

Individuals interested in leasing an apartment in the Upper Pontalba Building may call, write or e-mail the property manager.

Robert Gurtner, Interim Deputy Director
Upper Pontalba Building Restoration Corporation
1008 N. Peters Street, 3rdFloor
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 522-2621





Residential Waiting List Form



Upper Pontalba Tenant Inquiry and Application

The property manager will forward prospective applicants the Upper Pontalba information packet, which includes a waiting list form and rental structure. Upon receipt of the completed waiting list form, the property manager will add the prospective tenanat’s name to the waiting list. 

When an apartment becomes available, prospective tenants from the waiting list will be notified of the available apartment. The waiting list is maintained and prospective tenants are notified in order of the date the completed waiting list form was received. Within 48 hours of notification of apartment availability, the applicant must contact the property manager of his/her interest in the vacancy. If there is no notification or acceptance of interest made within 48 hours, it will be classified as a declination.

Once a prospective tenant has been identified, the applicant shall be shown the available residential lease space. Upon declination, the next applicant on the waiting list shall be shown the available space.

Upon expressing an interest in leasing the unit, the prospective tenant shall fill out an application, provide proof of income, and submit to a credit check. The property manager shall forward a completed application to the executive director for review. The executive director shall approve or reject such applications based on financial qualifications, credit history, and prior lease experience. Upon acceptance, the property manager will prepare the lease and schedule a lease signing appointment. 

The executive director, upon the written advice of the property manager, may remove any applicant from the file who has declined the opportunity to lease on two occasions. The property manager will notify the applicant in writing of their removal from the list, inform them that they may get back on the waiting list, and include a form for same with instructions.